Language Prose serves to bridge the language gap by connecting organizations serving immigrants and refugees with professionally trained interpreters. For over 35 years, Luminus has been offering these language services to organizations such as health and human service agencies serving immigrants. 


Our interpreters– many of them immigrants themselves– are culturally sensitive and professional. They are efficient and effective in helping clients communicate with anyone they need– such as social workers, doctors, lawyers, and immigration officers– to ensure their access to critical services.



 We provide reliable interpreters who are able to support immigrants by bridging the language gap. Our interpreters provide both in-person and virtual services to assist with essential communication such as health services, social services, and employment. Each client is ensured a professional, caring interpreter focused on the client and their community.







We provide human translations by native language speakers including translation of legal documents, school paperwork, webpages, and more. 


Language Prose is also available for proofreading of translated documents, voice recording transcriptions, and notarized translations.





other services

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