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Afghan Alliance of Maryland

Luminus was launched more than 40 years ago to welcome, embrace, and integrate people fleeing Vietnam. Today we face a similarly urgent call. With the evacuation of Afghanistan, the US military flew nearly 80,000 civilians out of Kabul, and of that, approximately 73,500 were either Afghans or other foreign nationals. Estimates suggest that eventually 95,000 Afghans will find their way to residency in the U.S. and need help from communities like ours, the Luminus Network for New Americans, formerly FIRN. Our mission meets this moment as it did four decades ago as it is certain that thousands of Afghans will arrive in Maryland.

How Can You Help

The Afghan Alliance of Maryland is made up of volunteers, donors, and advocates that catalyze direct and indirect support for arrivals. When you join, you will become a member of a network that shares information, develops social capital, and raises resources to support Afghan families. Our mission is to empower new Americans with agency so that they can support their own families and ultimately contribute to the fabric of American life.

What We Know:

    • In July of 2021, Maryland was 5th among states in receiving Afghan arrivals.
    • Afghan arrivals face systemic challenges beyond the material challenges they and their families already face.
    • The nation’s resettlement and immigration systems were seriously damaged over the past four years, leaving little room to respond to a crisis like this one.
    • Today’s legal protections and refugee infrastructure are weak and recent court decisions have undermined law.
    • The patchwork of nonprofits and government agencies that used to coordinate and collaborate in challenges like this one have frayed resulting in a fragmented system where collaboration and coordination will be ever more difficult.

Want to help immigrants shine?

Our volunteers, or “luminators,” play a critical role in helping us light the path for New Americans. As trusted members of the community — and often immigrants themselves — they ensure New Americans receive necessary support and services.

Become a Luminator

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