RACE4THEWORLD is an opportunity for runners around the world to honor those who have crossed continents and oceans seeking refuge from persecution and in pursuit of better lives for themselves and their families. 

Join Luminus' global race challenge to collectively run 24,901 miles – the circumference of the Earth.  This challenge recognizes the distance many of our ancestors traveled by choice or force and honors the journeys of current immigrants and refugees. Runners will identify sponsors and log their miles to support Luminus' mission and selected organizations around the globe that also serve immigrant populations.


We believe immigrants bring richness and value to their communities. Luminus empowers those we serve to achieve their goals and access community resources and opportunities. Join RACE4THEWORLD to support immigrants and refugees in the United States and across the globe. 


This year, we will be celebrating the end of our global challenge with a live 5k in Columbia, Maryland. 

7,173 miles down, 17,727 to go

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In 2020, we had RACE4THEWORLD participants from 11 different countries!

How does it work?

  1. Register today, and encourage friends and family to join you. Whether they want to run with you, sponsor you per mile, or just donate– invite everyone you know!

  2. Sign up on Runsignup! Search and join the RACE4THEWORLD to log your miles. Remember, we are aiming to collectively run 24,901 miles to represent the Earth's circumference. So, run as much as you can! 

  3. Lace up your sneakers and run, walk, or jog. Head outside or on a treadmill and RACE4THEWORLD! We will be tracking miles from _________ to ______, 2022. 

  4. Get Social! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and upload your photos using #RACE4THEWORLD and tagging @RACE4THEWORLD and @BeLuminus. We'll be sharing your pictures and videos on our social media and together we will follow the journey to see how many countries are represented and how many miles we can run together.