“Letters from our Team” – A Tale of Two Places by Gabriel Moreno

Greetings Community!

At Luminus, we are deeply committed to illuminating the path for countless immigrants and refugees who seek better lives, security, and brighter futures. Our mission is to offer essential services, guiding individuals and families through the intricate maze of adjustment.

In a world that often feels uncertain and ever-changing, I hope this message reaches you in a moment of peace and serenity. My heart aches for the innocent lives tragically taken by the actions of cruel, misguided and weak-minded men. As we navigate these multifaceted times together, we’re reminded of the power of unity and compassion.

In El Paso, Texas, where an emotional crossroads of two nations’ heartbeat synchronizes, the vast landscape whispers tales of pain, dreams, steadfast hope, and relentless will of the human spirit. On my recent visit there, overshadowed by its border with Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, I met individuals and families throughout the city clutching tightly to the promise of a brighter future—individuals thirsting for opportunity and parents fueled by a single, powerful dream: the safety of their children.

After all, children do not choose their entry into this world, but from their first breath, they undeniably deserve the right of their childhood. This fleeting yet deep-seated chapter of life profoundly shapes our essence and spirit. Within the vast expanse of a human life, childhood is a mere blink, a brief but profound chapter that shapes the core of our very being. As a parent, one wonders if compassion for your own or the children of others has limits.

In my own experience and the experiences of other parents, the limit does not exist. The immigrants’ story constantly reaffirms my empathy to the cause which aligns with the urgency and importance of our mission at Luminus. As I sit here, in Columbia, Maryland, over 2000 miles from El Paso, you may wonder how our mission is related.

Immigrants are being housed at shelters and hotels throughout the city of El Paso, however, officials and the Texas Department of Emergency Management have been offering the option to be bussed to various cities across the United States. One option is Washington D.C. and by proximity, Virginia and Maryland.

Luminus is actively engaged internally to continue to welcome our new neighbors and have been in contact with various other organizations and agencies to collaborate and navigate our response.

To meet the growing needs, and to ensure that we can serve as many people as possible, we urgently require your support. I am reaching out to request that you consider becoming a monthly donor to Luminus.Considering even a $5 a month donation can make a tremendous impact over time. Monthly donations enable us to plan and ensure that resources are consistently available to aid those in need. Even if you cannot commit to a monthly contribution, a one-time donation would make a significant difference in our ongoing efforts.

By joining our circle of Lumineers:

  • You Stand with Immigrants and Refugee: Your support signifies your commitment to a world where everyone has the right to safety, dignity, and opportunity.
  • You Make a Tangible Impact: Every dollar ensures someone has access to representation, understands their rights, or gets the social support they desperately need.
  • You are Part of a Larger Movement: Luminus is more than just an organization; we are a collective of individuals passionate about making a change and humanizing the immigrant story.

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I understand that times are challenging for many, and I truly appreciate your consideration. If you cannot donate at this time, sharing our mission with friends and family can also make a world of difference. Together, let’s light the path towards a more inclusive and compassionate world.Thank you for your time and for considering joining us in our noble cause.

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Here’s to another 42 years of Luminus!

Warm regards,