“Letters from our Team” – Witnessing the transformation and witnessing the smiles by Hafiz Ghashtalai

A Message from Employment Specialist Hafiz Ghashtalai

“Your kindness and support have touched not only our hearts but our lives as well,” expressed a grateful Egyptian family that found their way to Maryland in the middle of 2023.

Their sentiment resonates deeply with numerous families, spread across the Maryland region, including Howard County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Montgomery County, and PG County, who have been beneficiaries of the unwavering support provided by Luminus.

Among these families is a mother of four from Afghanistan, her dreams intertwined with the pursuit of a driving license to better care for her family, take her children to doctor appointments, and carry out grocery shopping. She reflects on her journey with astonishment, “I never imagined I’d hold a driving license one day. If it weren’t for Luminus and its generous donors, this newfound independence would remain a distant dream.”

In my work with families and individuals seeking assistance, I am continually moved by the heartfelt messages that flood in. Witnessing the transformation and witnessing the smiles that grace their faces is an experience I cherish and share with you today.

Sometimes, our endeavors extend beyond state and national borders, encountering challenges where our resources may not be sufficient. Yet, even in these moments, we remain steadfast in our commitment. We offer guidance, referrals, and counsel to steer them toward alternative avenues of support.

Imagine families residing in hotels for months with their children unable to attend school, and parents with limited opportunities for personal growth. “Had it not been for Luminus,” they say, “we may still be waiting to enroll in English classes and enroll our children in school, struggling to find our footing.”

Then there’s the head of another family, originally from Myanmar, who reached out with profound gratitude, saying, “Without Luminus, I shudder to think how long my search for a computer to aid in my job hunt and attendance at English language classes would have persisted.”

Your support, as Luminus donors, illuminates countless lives, bringing dreams within reach and kindling hope where it once seemed distant. Together, we transform the stories of struggle into narratives of triumph, making a lasting impact not just locally, but across borders and barriers.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity. Your contributions resonate far beyond words can express, igniting hearts and changing lives.

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