Luminus Congratulates HanGuk Art Center Korean Pop-Up Museum Ribbon Cutting

Luminus staff were thrilled to attend the ribbon-cutting of the HanGuk Art Center Korean Pop-Up Museum hosted at the Howard County Welcome Center. More than 30 pieces of art, including pottery, painting, screens, artifacts, and books are on display and were curated by Ms. Mi Schill Kim, the owner-operator of the former Asian Art Collective gallery on Main Street in Ellicott City. The celebration was well-attended, including Joanna Chin, Asian American Pacific Islander Liaison to County Executive Ball, former Maryland first lady Yumi Hogan, and Dr. Sue Song, founder of the Korean American Community Association of Howard County, among others.


We encourage our neighbors to go to the Welcome Center to savor the Korean art and celebrate the richness of our diversity. The HanGuk Art Center pop-up museum is open now through February 2025.