Luminus Family Community Service Hero

Family & Community Services

If you have questions about how to navigate life in the United States, you are not alone. At Luminus, we understand that your survival in a new culture depends on getting answers and support for critical services. Our professionally trained interpreters — many of them immigrants themselves — can help you communicate in-person or virtually with social workers, doctors, lawyers, and others.

Language and cultural barriers can make it challenging for you to integrate into a new culture, and we will meet you where you’re at. We will work with you to find information and resources, guide you through processes, and advocate for you, if necessary. And if there is a problem that we cannot solve, we’ll help you find someone who can.

  • We Can Help You:

    • Complete applications and forms
    • Translate legal documents, school paperwork, webpages, and more
    • Understand health materials in other languages
    • Apply for discounts or payment plans for medical bills
    • Enroll children in school and other educational programs, such as Head Start
    • Find food assistance and/or enroll in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)


  • We Can Refer You To:

    • Crisis counseling and preventative health counseling 
    • Health, dental care, and mental health services
    • Government programs
    • Local human and social service providers
    • Prescription drug programs
    • Sexual assault and domestic violence centers