More Than Hope

More than Hope is a multicultural performance event in support of  the millions of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing war torn countries, poverty, and/or violent persecution. We feel for the pain and suffering of our fellow humans and we recognize the perilous journey made to reach safety and their hopes for a better life.

The music and dance performances will incorporate what it means to flee one’s home, and what does home mean? We will touch on issues of belonging, assimilation, resettlement, financial and employment adjustments, cultural differences, what it means to belong, social injustice, and societal attitudes towards “others”.

We hope this event will increase public awareness and spark individual and community action to address the dire needs of refugees and asylum seekers.


Volunteer Leaders Leslie Ebert and Jay Green Organize More Than Hope

More Than Hope is organized by Leslie Ebert and Jay Green. All proceeds from the event are donated to Luminus Network for New Americans – a compassionate and vocal immigrant-serving agency in Howard County.