42 for 42 Campaign: A Message from Employment Specialist Hafiz Ghashtalai

“Your kindness and support have touched not only our hearts but our lives as well,” expressed a grateful Egyptian family that found their way to Maryland in the middle of 2023.

Their sentiment resonates deeply with numerous families, spread across the Maryland region, including Howard County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Montgomery County, and PG County, who have been beneficiaries of the unwavering support provided by Luminus.

Choosing Flight for Freedom: The story of Madiha Rahimi

On August 15, 2021, the course of history shifted dramatically in Afghanistan. As U.S. troops prepared to withdraw from the country, the Taliban seized power in Kabul. The aftermath left countless Afghan civilians stranded in uncertainty. 

Among these individuals is Madiha Rahimi, Luminus’s finance assistant, whose journey embodies the courage and resilience of Afghan women seeking refuge.


Our 2022 Impact Report shows the difference your contributions have made in supporting New Americans. It is with great pride that we share this report which highlights what we have accomplished through our legal, social, language, and employment services.


For the past six months, in collaboration with many organizations, supporters, and volunteers, Luminus has been supporting newly arrived Afghan families by addressing urgent concerns and needs. We are excited to share some of this work with you.


Jay Nwachu, a Nigerian immigrant, helps New Americans and other entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful, scalable businesses that benefit their communities.

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When she first came to the United States, Alexandra Kim struggled to navigate a new life in a new language. Now, she helps Korean immigrants bridge that same gap as a reporter for Chosun Ilbo USA.

Alexandra Kim
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We help New Americans shine.

America’s richness comes from its diversity, which has been shaped by generations of immigrants who bravely pursued their dreams. Then and now, as New Americans work to achieve those dreams and adapt to their new lives, they face unique challenges. Luminus helps to shine a light on these issues and to illuminate the path for immigrants.

For more than 40 years, Luminus has empowered New Americans by offering legal, social, and language services to help them achieve their goals. We also seek systematic changes that will better the lives of all immigrants. Based in Columbia, Maryland, we envision a community that welcomes immigrant neighbors, values their cultures, understands and addresses their needs, celebrates their achievements, and elevates their voices. Our dream is a bright future for all New Americans.

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Immigration Legal Services

Assisting you and your family as you navigate the immigration process.

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Family & Community Services

Connecting you to information and resources you need to navigate life in America.

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Employment Services

Promoting economic empowerment and stability, filling job gaps, and building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Afghan Alliance

Meeting the urgent call to support and advocate for individuals and families fleeing Afghanistan.

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Health Equity

Bettering the health of all immigrants through systematic change.

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Helping immigrants who are unable to pay rent due to COVID-19.

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