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Today, we’re super excited to share some amazing news: Anna*, a beacon of resilience and courage, finally received her green card, making her an official permanent resident of the U.S. This is huge for us here at Luminus because it means we’ve helped change another life for the better. Anna’s journey wasn’t easy. After winning a tough battle in Immigration Court, she had to wait a whole year before she could take the next big step to becoming a permanent resident. Imagine, waiting years to have your immigration trial, winning, then waiting a whole other year? That is the long journey asylum seekers face for something so important!

Anna had to leave her country, was detained upon entry, but she was brave enough to fight against being sent back. Luckily, she found Luminus, and we were able to stand by her side in court, helping her win her case to stay in the U.S., safely. It sounds simple when you put it like that, but trust us, it was a long road with lots of waiting and hard work.

But Anna wasn’t alone. Our team at Luminus, from the lawyers, paralegals, and helpers to the people who keep the lights on and share our stories, we were all cheering for her and will continue to do so. And we can’t forget about the real MVPs – our donors and supporters. These are the folks who give what they can to make sure we have the team ready to help people like Anna. They’re the unsung heroes who make all of this possible.

Do you want to be part of this awesome group making a difference? You can help by donating and spreading the word. There are a lot of other “Annas” out there who need someone in their corner. Let’s show them they’re not alone.


*We changed her name to keep things private.