Hispanic Heritage Month Staff Spotlights

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year from September 15 to October 15. During this month, we honor the incredible contributions of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we are celebrating some of our amazing Hispanic staff members here at Luminus!

Luminus clients always welcome the chance to work with Lucy Reyna.  An immigration paralegal, Lucy has worked with Luminus for just over a year.  She helps clients understand the complicated US system and fill out naturalization and citizenship applications. 

A long-time resident of the US, Lucy emigrated here when she was just 11.  She comes from Cortazar Guanajuato in South Central Mexico.   Although she has lived in the US since 1995, Lucy still thinks of Cortazar Guanajuato as her “real” home. She and her family travel there every other year to visit friends and family and to relive childhood memories. While tourists come from all over the world to enjoy Mexico’s beautiful beaches and rich cultural life, Lucy chooses to spend her Mexican vacations in her hometown.

What are her special memories of Cortazar Guanajuato? Lucy loved (and still loves) the enchiladas her mother makes.  And she particularly remembers a very special Mexican holiday, Dia del Nino, “Kid Day,” held every year on April 30th.  “Mexico celebrates children like nowhere else,” says Lucy. Schools, community organizations, churches, and families spend the day celebrating kids with magic shows, games, parades, free food, free ice cream, and free toys.  It is a magic day for children.