Luminus Empowers 47 Individuals to Secure Driving Licenses in 2023, Including Support for Afghan Women Facing Literacy Barriers

Luminus has generously sponsored 47 individuals to acquire their driving licenses in 2023. Each individual who received the supported is representing an average-sized family of 4-5 members. These beneficiaries face financial constraints hindering them from covering the costs associated with obtaining a driving license. Of the 47 sponsored, 36 have successfully obtained their driving licenses, while the remaining individuals are currently participating in driving education classes, engaging in behind-the-wheel practices.


In the United States, possessing a driving license is a crucial step toward achieving self-sustainability, enabling individuals to commute to work, attend appointments, and purchase groceries or take kids and family to a park. Reliable transportation is integral, and employers frequently inquire about driving licenses and dependable transportation during interviews.


To facilitate this process, Luminus has offered comprehensive support for obtaining driving licenses. This support includes driving license translation services provided by MVA approved interpreters, driving education classes, three hours alcohol and drug education classes, knowledge tests, and behind-the-wheel test interpretation by Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA)-approved interpreters.


Furthermore, Luminus has extended its support to seven Afghan women who face literacy challenges in their native language. Five of these women have completed information driving classes, with one successfully obtaining a driving license and another receiving a driving permit. This informal driving education class was provided by Luminus volunteer to empower women through education and practical assistance.