Luminus Joins Women’s Giving Circle to Alleviate Period Poverty

What is Period Poverty?

Period Poverty is a harsh reality for many women, girls, and non-binary people around the world. It refers to the inability to afford or access menstrual products, leading to compromised hygiene, health issues, and even missed opportunities for education and work.

The United Nations Population Fund pulled together a lot of information about menstruation and period poverty and how it affects people across the globe.

The Alliance for Period Supplies is working in the United States to raise awareness and change public policy. From the Alliance:

  • A quarter of Black (23%) and Latina (24%) people with periods strongly agree that they’ve struggled to afford period products in the past year.
  • Over one-third (38%) of low-income women report missing work, school or similar events due to lack of access to period supplies.

Period poverty is a real issue affecting students across the US. Here are some eye-opening stats from the latest report commissioned by Thinx & PERIOD:

  • Nearly 1 in 4 students have struggled to afford period products in the United States.
  • 44% of teens report stress and embarrassment due to a lack of access to period products.
  • 92% of teens agree periods should be recognized as an indicator of good health rather than as something dirty or gross – a 7-point increase from 2021.
  • 78% of teens agree education around menstrual health should be part of the core curriculum, just like math.

To learn more, access the website:

Luminus Takes Action

We are proud to join the Howard County Women’s Giving Circle in their work to make period supplies available in Howard County, including at the Luminus office!

Let’s come together to break the stigma and ensure that every person has access to the basic necessities they need to live a healthy and dignified life. Your small contribution can make a huge difference! Drop off your donations at 5999 Harpers Farm Rd #200E, Columbia, MD 21044, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.