Luminus Shines Bright at HCEDA Business Resource Expo

Last week, Luminus had the amazing opportunity to attend the HCEDA Business Resource Expo at Howard Community College. It was an absolute goldmine of resources! We had the pleasure of connecting with various organizations like Columbia Association, Howard County Parks and Rec, and many others. It felt like being bankers, sifting through an abundance of valuable resources available for our community.

Our main goal? To explore new avenues for providing even better support to our clients. The event was not only informative but eye-opening. We got to explore a fascinating setup where on the main level, we mingled with various organizations, and on the second floor, we discovered cozy offices tailored for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The diversity of attendees was remarkable – people from all walks of life coming together with a common purpose: to uplift the community. And guess what? We made some fantastic connections that promise exciting new resources for Luminus.

Cheers to building stronger community connections and exploring endless possibilities together!