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Author: thorn

  • Luminus Warns Against Notario Fraud in Immigration

    Immigration is a complex and important issue that affects many people around the world. When people try to move to the United States, they often need help with the complicated laws and rules. But there’s a problem called “notario fraud” that takes advantage of people looking for help. What is…

  • Luminus in Action – Advocating for Youth

    Immigrant youth in the United States face unique challenges, often navigating life without parental support and making perilous journeys to the country alone. These circumstances demand special consideration, particularly in accessing essential services like education, typically requiring parental involvement. Recognizing these hardships, American immigration laws, as outlined in the…

  • Luminus Earns 2024 Gold Seal of Transparency

    Luminus is proud to share that we’ve earned our 2024 Gold Seal of Transparency from Candid, a leading nonprofit research and data center formed in 2019 when GuideStar and the Foundation Center merged. To earn the Gold Seal, Luminus provided qualitative information about our vision, leadership, and financial…

  • Join us in making lives better

    Today, we’re super excited to share some amazing news: Anna*, a beacon of resilience and courage, finally received her green card, making her an official permanent resident of the U.S. This is huge for us here at Luminus because it means we’ve helped change another life for the better.